Avengers Campus Guide: How to Meet the Superheroes

Where's the best spot to view Disney's new high-flying Spider-Man stuntronic?

There are more than 20 MARVEL superheroes making regular appearances every day at Disney California Adventure’s new Avengers Campus, but Disney isn’t announcing when & where you might see them.

Want to make sure you don’t miss your big chance to see the Avengers in person?

Thankfully, our helpful guide can make sure you won’t miss Spider-Man’s astonishing new high-flying altitude test. It’s stunning. Rely on our tips to join a dance-off with the Guardians of the Galaxy, witness Dr. Strange’s mind-defying illusions, or watch Black Panther leap into action alongside Black Widow.

Black Widow Natasha Romanoff looks down over the Avengers Campus from beneath the Quinjet at Avengers HQ in Disney California Adventure

Where do the Avengers appear within Avengers Campus?

Every day at Avengers Campus, guests are recruited to become Avengers themselves. Interactions with the superheroes are what really brings the campus to life. Throughout the campus, there are 6 main staging areas where you’ll come face-to-face with your heroes.

Upon arrival, pick up a guide map for the park and look for these areas:

Dr. Strange's Ancient Sanctum at Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure welcomes guests to time-traveling illusions

1. The Ancient Sanctum

The time-traveling, mind-bending illusions of Dr. Strange appear right before your eyes at the Ancient Sanctum. The emblem of the Sanctum Santorum leads to a temple in ruins. This is where the Supreme Sorcerer enters through magical doors engraved with mystical symbols, and performs eye-bending tricks to protect an astral ring from getting into the hands of Dormammu.

Even if you’re not a big Dr. Strange fan, the illusions will impress you. At night, the temple glows with spectacular colored lanterns.

Dr. Strange's Ancient Sanctum glows within the trees and illusions of Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure

2. The circular plaza right in the center of Avengers Campus

This is where you’ll see the largest number of superheroes throughout the day. But most thrillingly, it’s where Okoye and the Dora Milaje warriors — from Black Panther — invite Avengers Campus recruits to summon their own inner strength and begin their superhero training.

Okoye and the Dora Milaje lead a training chant at the Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure

Don’t miss this show. Okoye and the Dora Milaje’s presentation is the heart of the Avengers Campus experience. Okoye’s strength and presence are stunning; she may select you out of the crowd to step forward and proclaim what qualifies you to become an Avenger!

Dora Milaje warrior scans the crowd at Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California

When Okoye and the Dora Milaje aren’t appearing, you’ll see a selection of other Avengers and superheroes throughout the day, like Loki, Thor, Ant-Man and the Wasp. You’re invited to queue up and pose for photos.

Ant-Man and the Wasp pose for guests at Disney's Avengers Campus in Anaheim, California

3. The balcony and Quinjet launch pad of Avengers Headquarters

Natasha Romanoff — Black Widow — is clearly on a mission, until an old foe — Taskmasker — arrives to make mischief. On the balcony of Avengers HQ, they face off with action-packed stunts and hand-to-hand combat. (The fight coordination is from the same crew who worked on Black Widow.) No spoilers here, but just when all hope seems lost, Black Panther swings in to the rescue!

Throughout the other hours of the day, other Avengers patrol the building. You’re likely to see Sam Wilson’s Captain America, but Steve Rogers may make an appearance, too. And, this is the only spot to see Iron Man in his spiffy new Mark 80 armor.

The HQ balcony is too high for a good over-the-shoulder selfie, but these heroes also recruit new Avengers down at the building’s ground level, just in front of their Avengers logo sign. You’re invited to queue up and pose for photos.

4. The Avengers Truck

Parked just outside Avengers Campus HQ, you’ll notice a logo-emblazoned truck that seems ready to roll at the first sign of danger. It’s also a meet & greet area where you’re invited to chat up the Avengers and strike a heroic pose.

Captain Marvel recruits visitors to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure

5. The entry of Guardians of the Galaxy –Mission: BREAKOUT!

The Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance-Off, a show that’s been seen at EPCOT, Shanghai Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in years past, is back. Just outside the entrance to Mission: BREAKOUT, Star-Lord and Gamora invite you to get your groove on with songs from Peter Quill’s epic 1970’s-80’s mixtape. We’re hoping Groot will return soon!

The Quinjet stands on guard above Avengers Campus headquarters with Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout in the distance

6. The balcony alongside WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

After entering Avengers Campus, look to the balcony above the colorful graffiti wall. This is where you’ll see Spidey test out his strength and skill, tumbling over crates and scaling walls. Most incredibly, this is where Walt Disney Imagineering’s new Spider-Man stuntronic flies high into the air. It’s astonishing.

Spider-Man waves from a balcony at Avengers Campus struntronic show in Disneyland, California

Just after each high-flying stunt show, Spider-Man greets guests and poses for pics alongside the graffiti wall & loading docks below the balcony.

Spider-Man shows off his web-slinging skills outside WEB SLINGERS A Spider-Man Adventure at Disney's Avengers Campus

Where is the best spot to see the Spider-Man stuntronic robot?

Avengers Campus’s jaw-dropping flight of Spider-Man only happens in one location: the roof of the WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure attraction. (Thankfully, you don’t need a Boarding Group for the attraction to see the show; they’re different experiences that happen to share the same building.) For the best view, wait within the corridor alongside the colorful graffiti wall. You’ll notice guests lined up along the railing, hoping to catch the next show.

Do take note: you won’t be able to see Spider-Man’s flight from any other location within Avengers Campus, and you can’t see it if you’re outside the land.

Spider-Man welcomes guests to WEB SLINGERS at Disney California Adventure's Avengers Campus in California

How often do the Avengers appear?

Since the opening of Avengers Campus, the live shows — including Spider-Man’s soaring stunts, Dr. Strange’s Mysteries of the Mystic Arts, and presentation of the Dora Milaje — have begun about an hour after park opening. They finish up just before sunset.

At any given minute, at least one of the Avengers has been on view, greeting guests. The shows, however, have been performed sporadically — sometimes with a gap of over an hour between performances.

However, Disney has not yet published a schedule for these shows. We don’t know if they will.

For now, it’s smart to talk to a Cast Member inside Avengers Campus if there’s a particular show or character you want to see. If possible, look for the Cast Members who are attending the superheroes and overseeing their guest photo queues. They’ve usually got the most reliable information.

Historically, most performances (including the Red Car Trolley News Boys, the Five & Dime jazz sextet, or the Guardians of the Galaxy Dance-Off) had public performance times that guests could view within the Disneyland app or by speaking to a Cast Member at Guest Relations. Hopefully, Disney will follow suit with the Avengers Campus shows.

Do keep this in mind: if you wait to enter Avengers Campus until the evening hours, you probably won’t catch the superhero shows or see meet & greet photo opportunities. Throughout all of Disneyland resort, most of the characters are gone by evening.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse greet guests within Carthay Circle at Disney California Adventure at Disneyland in Anaheim, California

Rely on us for updated tips for Disney California Adventure.

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Avengers Campus has more than 20 superheroes, and they're recruiting you! To make sure you don't miss their stunning appearances, rely on this helpful guide.

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